Someone needs to protect our Republic…

It’s time to actually “Level the Playing Field” & stop using it as a talking point.
Arizona needs the Mealer Initiative 2018 business expansion program…
ArizonaVested now

JL Mealer’s campaign is about ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Prosperity’ for everyday Americans…

JL wants to ensure that every Arizonan finds and has a direct path to absolute prosperity and financial security.

ArizonaVested℠ means your education, your new business, your career and your investments in our great state really do matter, it’s time we live the way we want to live, while allowing Arizona to run Arizona.

Let’s give Arizona youth something to look forward to rather than today’s dead-end world.

JL’s, Mealer Inititiative, is a bold plan to empower the little guy with an idea while ending partisan politics and pay-to-play corruption once and for all.

ArizonaVested℠ from the Mealer Initiative 2018 is a Day One plan to be put in place to help YOU as we grow Arizona into a thriving, water wise, Agri-Industrial state where opportunity and personal business funding abounds.

Someone has to work for the people.
JL Mealer is an Independent Constitutionalist, possibly running for Arizona Governor in 2022.  JL’s second run for Arizona’s gubernatorial office is not going to happen in 22, JL has familial medical issues that prevent him from doing so.


JL Mealer is a husband, father of two college aged sons, engineer, patent holder, author, an unapologetic Christian, gun owner-enthusiast, and longtime motorcycle rider. He may not be fully PC around certain crowds, but it takes someone who speaks the truth and refuses to back down from elected elitists for the sake of Arizonans and Arizona’s education system. For some reason, the cancel culture Democrats seem to have gone wild these days putting our Republic at stake and JL is here to stand up to that wild-eyed bunch as well as the many Republicans who refuse to do their job.

Keep in mind, this is not a campaign about tit-for-tat, age-old arguments between political parties or who brews the best cup of coffee. Everything JL does and strives for is truly about your children’s safe and positive future, your own future and our ability to live better than we do today.

No more ‘just barely scraping by’.

JL has a solid plan to create not only an entirely new tier of economic prosperity with his own jobs-industry-career-initiative outlining a private investment format based upon private individuals (you, me, all of Arizona and every other state who sees that we finally did the right thing and duplicate the  ArizonaVested℠ program) for private business expansion and creation. There is no way to lose in this deal because a personal investment in ‘the plan’ is designed to continually circulate and earn the investor endless paychecks, or until it is bought out by someone else or the by the company(ies) who’ve been invested with. Meanwhile, the investor is making a quarterly stipend of their investment percentage of this new or existing company’s profits.

The initial investment is never lost, but instead circulates as ownership of shares until it is someday bought out by either the businesses it was invested with or by another investor. Some compare it to crowdfunding, crowdsourcing except the private loans pull in large profits while creating cash flow opportunities for new and existing businesses alike.

With the backing of Arizona voters, this plan can be made into law (don’t we have enough encroaching laws already? How about one that helps us win in this hard fought battle to succeed?!) via the next meeting of the State Legislature and placed in front of Arizona’s next governor, so we may actually start living without worry of failure and loss of what we hold near and dear. Both we and our children will actually have a future to look forward to!

What else does JL plan to bring to Arizona?

How about our own high grade, top dollar Arizona Meat and Agriculture Department where we raise, grow and label Arizona Meat and Agriculture as premium products for sale throughout the country and world for starters. Further, we must create an Arizona Entertainment Industry where we give the largest industry in the world a place to call home, produce films and pay great wages and Arizona taxes.

Arizona can easily be the country’s leader in Aerospace and Motorsports and all we need to do is open the door and show them the way. We once had plans to build the world’s largest motorsports arena right here in Northeastern Arizona backed with a huge amusement park… The opportunity is still available if Arizona wants it.

Arizona has the perfect environment for Industrial Hemp, kenaf and other bio plants to make us the world’s largest textile and alternate high grade, high fiber multi-product producer.

Wrap this up with the “Mealer Initiative 2018” and JL’s ArizonaVested℠ plans to allow private business growth through private investment where businesses not only are created and grow with a financial parachute but with an entirely new tier of an economy where small-time investors make huge profits on a quarterly basis via these investments. The new vast fortunes for Arizona’s investors (ArizonaVested℠) may not come in year one, or even by year two, but with a strategically placed chunk of change, our research shows an Honest-to-God windfall and retirement sized income within three to five years.

JL is not trying to sell or convince Arizonans of anything except to offer a legitimate opportunity to thrive — with a parachute.

“Also, something came to mind recently regarding the use for the amount of cash flow each individual will certainly make from my statewide/nationwide Arizona business expansion program, and the large amount of college graduates -nationwide-
wondering how they will repay their student debt…. Well, here it is. ArizonaVested℠!
JL Mealer

-JL Mealer