Mealer for Governor

– JL Mealer

NOTE: In order to view and sign my petition, you must be registered as an independent, unaffiliated party, or as Americans Elect of Arizona. Please consider changing your party affiliation to help me get on the ballot. Remember, signing my petition is not a promise to vote for me. It simply gives me the opportunity to let my voice be heard.

As an Independent candidate for Governor, I will not be working for power of a party.
My job is to serve you and to protect your rights.
As one of two 2014 gubernatorial candidates born and bred in Arizona, I have seen this state stand still when we should be moving forward. With Arizona’s diverse lands, natural resources, and unique sovereignty, we can revitalize industry, invigorate our workforce, and literally become a self-sustainable state.
Your donation is critical to the success of this campaign. Please give what you can, up to a maximum of $160 per person.
If you are not currently a registered voter, take a moment and register online through Service Arizona. If you would like to support my independent bid for governor, please consider changing your party affiliation to independent, non-affiliated or Americans Elect of Arizona (AEL).
You can read exactly how we can move ahead and become self-sustaining and the envy of all other states in my free booklet; Mealer Initiative 2014.

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