Someone has to work for the people.

It’s time we “Level the Playing Field.”
American Public Servant ‘party’.

JL Mealer’s campaign is about ‘Opportunity’ and ‘Prosperity’ for everyday Americans…
But not so much for career politicians.

Someone has to work for the people.
Which is why JL founded the American Public Servant party.

See JL’s Gov’t Fraud Bill, the #MEALERPLEDGE.  jlmealerholdingconstitutionatdebate

#1: American Public Servant Party Petition.

#2: JL Mealer’s Petition 

#3: American Public Servant party ByLaws & Constitution.

-JL Mealer

While the Elected-Elite are making backroom deals to feed their offshore accounts, JL has already drawn out a plan for a very prosperous Arizona designed for all Americans.

How does JL view solutions to the many problems we face?

  • Education Transparency. End school corruption/fraud/waste, reign in administrative power. More teacher pay and decision making, less administrative waste, legitimate classrooms, less lies.
  • Economic prosperity, revitalization, re-invigoration.
    We must create an even playing field between the Little Guy with the idea vs Globally Traded Corps before truly free enterprise or any type of “laissez faire” business can begin.
  • Open door to new clean industry, create thousands of new businesses and tens of thousands of new jobs.
  • Term Limits.
  • Elected Officials Accountability Act.
  • Provide viable jobs training for vets and other Americans.
  • Congress must no longer be exempt from laws they create for other Americans.
    Tort reform is a must.
  • Inoculations: Since government and doctors feel immunizations are critical and important in opposition to what some parents believe, we must remove tort law protections for the Doctors, Drug Mfg’s, as well as for the Gov’t agencies who mandate this form of disease control.
  • Determine justification for war(s) on drugs and on terror and end or amplify as needed for public safety.
  • Revoke all Asset-Forfeiture Laws.
  • Undaunted defender of all Arizonan’s over globally traded corporations.
  • Enforce violations of Law on elected officials who have neglected their Oath of Office. End elected officials corruption by any and all means possible, end non elected officials corruption when they serve as aides to those elected to serve the American people.
  • Fair Tax. The US Constitution allows for the Fair Tax. We need it. Taxation is technically “theft” but the wheels of America must roll.
    *JL will urge the House of Representatives to initiate a proper Fair Tax program, but will have ‘legal standing’ to go it alone if need be. Any type of Fair Tax will only work once American’s Liberty of Allodial Title is restored.
  • Secure the courts to protect innocent families from future abusive, zealotry of Child Protective Services.
  • Extend the fight against human trafficking.
  • Close Prisons For Profit, curtail A.C.A. medical fraud.
  • Eradicate “thought crimes”.
  • Erase victimless crimes and repeal unjust laws.
  • Here’s a taste of what JL has in store for fairness in the Health Insurance realm- See Pg. 8-10 Mealer Initiative 2014
  • Introduce Industrial Hemp for the huge untapped industry it holds. Arizona stands to make $ trillionsy.

So much more… JL will give you his direct line for your concerns and tour Arizona person to person when not in DC. We’re all sick of being forgotten by the person we elect to serve us. Public Service is an honor, not a badge.

Public Servant party candidate, JL is running for a high seat in Arizona’s 2018 elections. As a Constitutionalist, he has taken the steps to create a party by the people and for the people.

“Someone has to work for the people.”




JL Mealer is not currently running for elected office and is not currently soliciting funds or contributions for any campaign for elected office.
This page is a hold over from 2014, potentially providing a glimpse into future campaigns.