Mealer for Governor

–JL Mealer JLM_AE4

John is the first Independent Constitutionalist in a major campaign since George Washington. However, getting his name on the ballot is only the first step to putting him in the Governor’s seat.


Find your county voter registrar contact info here!
Check the box next to MEALER, JOHN LEWIS and return promptly! Let’s roll with this folks, freedom is never free, but YOU CAN VOTE right here, right now and stand strong.

Apache County Recorder (800) 361-4402 or (928) 337-7516

Cochise County Recorder (520) 432-8354 Cochise or

Coconino County Recorder / Elections Department
(928) 679-7860

Gila County Recorder (928) 425-3231

Graham County Recorder (928) 428-3560 or (928) 792-5037 or

Greenlee County Recorder (928) 865-2632 or

La Paz County Recorder (928) 669-6136 La Paz or (928) 669-6115 or

Maricopa County Recorder / Elections Department
(602) 506-1511 or

Mohave County Recorder (928) 753-0767 or

Navajo County Recorder (928) 524-4192 or

Pima County Recorder (520) 724-4330 or

Pinal County Recorder (520) 866-6059 or

Santa Cruz County Recorder (520) 375-7990 or

Yavapai County Recorder (928) 771-3248 or

Yuma County Recorder (928) 373-6034 or (928) 373-1014 or


“We want our Liberty back…
We’re not asking.”
JL Mealer

We need your help in qualifying for funding. Your contribution of $5 will go towards getting him $2 million to effectively campaign for you. Please contribute now by clicking the link below. Any registered voter can participate. If you are not a registered voter, you can register by clicking the Register to Vote link.

Click here to give $5 !

Register to vote

John Lewis Mealer requires over 4500 Clean Elections Qualifying $5 Contributions

This is why you are here! Let’s make it happen.

If you need to, please take a moment and…
Register to vote

You may also donate to the campaign directly to “MEALER 2014″ and/or our PayPal account “”        * Thanks *

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Do you realize that the entertainment world is worth about $3 Trillion? Mealer plans to rake $30 Billion into our great state and open up even more support industries for the film/music/digital and cartoon development. Someone has to build the light to heavy equipment along with the electronics, we expect it to be us.

Have you heard about JL Mealer’s AZMAD “Arizona Meat & Agriculture Department”?   How about Arizona becoming a 100% Self-Sustained state? The beacon for all other states?

Let’s roll with it Arizona…

Entertainment Industry Arizona2jlmealer  AZMADorganicMonsanto-Skull1


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