John Lewis Mealer, Arizona’s US Senator 2016

Gather Petition Signatures!

–JL Mealer JLM_AE4

John was the first Independent Constitutionalist to be on a ballot in Arizona. As you can see, the site for his run for Governor is still up and available. Please stick with us while we update it to the parameters of a member of the US Senate.

We’re certain you’ll appreciate the bills he will put forth immediately upon being elected.

With the Arizona Governor race behind him, John’s campaign to become a US Senator from Arizona is an easy choice to continue to fight for your future.

The main issue with Arizona’s and America’s problems today is both parties continue to attempt to ‘one-up’ each other to the detriment of each and every one of us.

Both Anne Kirkpatrick and John McCain have proven this fact for many years and they will continue to repeat this mistake until we gasp our last breath. Why give them another chance at it?

It’s time to send a message to our legislators that we’re tired of the two-party system. We want candidates who work for us not their party!

Help JL Mealer do the right thing for you and let’s all win for once.

How about Arizona becoming a 100% Self-Sustained state?
The beacon for all other states?
John is the man who will take the fight to DC and preserve Arizona’s and America’s dignity. The over reaching tendrils of Washington DC must be controlled and the pay-to-play scams of lawmakers gone mad must end if we are to survive as a prosperous state and nation.

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