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JL has tailored ArizonaVested, a self-Funding program for all Arizonans;
Mealer’s plans involve ‘zerocostlypoliticalcommittees to nowhere’:

  • Equal protection under the law 100% across the board, no favorites or pandering to special groups. Bill of Rights 100% protected.
  • The best education system in the world developing an ‘Arizona career environment’ for our youth.
  • Create a new Arizona Schools International S.T.E.A.M. competitions.
  • Arizona will become the leader in Aerospace/Motorsports.
  • Arizona’s exclusive high grade, top dollar Arizona Meat and Agriculture Department.
    We raise/grow/label “premium products” for sale throughout the country and world.
  • Arizona’s perfect environment for water-wise Industrial Hemp, Kenaf and other bio plants will make us the world’s largest textile and alternative high grade, high fiber multi-product producer. Along with becoming #1 in Bio-Medical Research/Development/Manufacturing.
  • Arizona Entertainment Industry where we give the largest industry in the world a place to call home, produce films, pay great wages and Arizona taxes.
  • Wrapped up with JL’s ArizonaVested℠ Program to direct/couple private business creation/expansion (your business!?) with private funding where businesses develop under a financial parachute creating an entirely new economic tier where small time investors (like you!?) make nice profits per quarterly basis via these investments. Lower Tax rates (of course).

JL Mealer


JL Mealer

“We want our Liberty back. WE’RE NOT ASKING!”
Someone has to work for the people…


But we really do need YOUR HELP!


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