John Lewis Mealer is an Arizona born and raised life-long tinkerer and mechanic turned engineer and developer. After spending 25 years researching Arizona for clean industrial development and having party-politics shut him down time after time, John opted to run for Governor and repair what the parties have destroyed.  
Before JL backed out of the US Senate race in 2016 due to family health problems, he authored a critical piece of legislation… This is how he feels about your rights and elected-elite’s limitations. You might want to read the  #MEALERpledge, a bill JL authored for an Emergency Session of the 115th Congress in Jan. 2017. America may never return to Constitutional government or a truly prosperous nation without the passage of this bill into Law which effectively enforces the accountability of all elected officials throughout the USA.
“Lewis” spent years in the construction industry, researching and implementing the use of kit homes made from alternative building materials such as hemp, hay, e-crete and other cost effective solutions for homeowners on a budget. High strength, lightweight alternative building materials carried over to JL’s *Automobile Mfg. company. JL has spent multiple years of advanced schooling and earning the respect and degrees in a variety of engineering studies, from PIT to MIT, both in classrooms and out… Mostly relying on hands-on training with every aspect of his career, including that of being a developer-contractor and would-should-could be automaker (Mealer Automobile).
MAMC_LOGO_[3ftx2ft]His passion for engineering better products and solutions along with his involvement in racing and early American automobiles influenced the creation of the  Mealer Automobile, a prototype 25 years in the making. Lewis holds multiple patents in conjunction with his design, including a non-fossil fuel powered regenerative energy system which has ultimately become the power source for the flagship Mealer Automobile.
Lewis currently lives in Lakeside, Arizona with his wife Cynthia and on occasion, their two college-aged sons.
While most candidates and people in general feel that boasting of degrees and such in regards to education, Lewis does not (he’s an engineer and that alone makes for a solid background, leaving bragging rights at the door). Truth be told, higher education alone has never proven to make any man fit for office, but -as JL believes:
“…perseverance, determination and the undaunted will to succeed where others fall short are the dividing characteristics between winners and losers.”
History has proven over and over again that both Congress and the White House have always been full of ‘educated derelicts’…
As Mark Twain said, “Iron Ore cannot be educated into gold”.
We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking.”
JL Mealer
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* “The Mealer Automobile’s manufacturing is on hold as my company reels from illegal activity against us by a larger, more powerful and government funded “too big to fail” automaker in 2009… So please bear with me as I even the playing field for all of us.”
JL Mealer