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EDUCATION must be Arizona’s number one priority, or we will wind up in the same place 100 years from now. This website and Mealer Initiative 2018 explain how we can fund education and repair our great state. Enjoy the experience.
A key point that many people miss when it comes to jobs and industry are the crimes committed by our lawmakers. They sell their votes. They harm Arizona in the process and then pretend that by voting party-line to maintain party favors is not a major crime called bribery. Let’s change their criminal activity. Arizona now has a large group of what I see as players of cronyism who pick and choose winners and losers in the business world and they do this on the tax payer’s shoulders. Yes, OUR taxes going into a play-to-play scheme that we must end.
We are created equal and because of that, fairness is critical to our survival. Whenever elected officials play favorites in business, they not only commit a felony, but they hinder our ability to either work in a free environment and/or create our own business on par with big business. Favoritism will end under John Mealer’s leadership through State Legislature.  In all reality, the people you’ve elected to office in the past, actually DO work for you.
“As I complete an easy to read Mealer Initiative 2018, ArizonaVested℠, I want to give you this tidbit of information that explains much of what I am pushing for within Arizona. I refer to it as ArizonaVested℠ (although it’s title doesn’t matter) and it allows Arizonans to create their own business at an individual level where we will also have Arizonans (as well as millions of other people) invest in our new and/or existing and expanding businesses (which are placed in small, solidly built  groups) and each quarter when profits are made, each investor gets their share of it. Whether this amounts to .1%, 1%, 5% or 10% to 20% of each business is up to the actual investment… But the returns are much better than placing your money into a bank. This plan is designed with a safety net where we can’t lose –even if a business fails, because it will simply be replaced– and the businesses also have a safety net of investment funds when they are suffering as businesses always do. No bank loan –attempts-  for your new or expanding business (which are nearly impossible to get these days) and if we play this right, this will be a new source for school funding so we can end property taxes.
Don’t want to run a business? Great. There will be hundreds of thousands of new thriving businesses in Arizona you might be working for investors. Career quality businesses too! Aerospace, World Class Motorsports, World Grade Bio-Medicine, Alternative Energy Products and Production, Manufacturing in all sectors, and an Arizona Entertainment Industry that rivals all others.
There’s so much more to this, so please stay tuned!”
JL Mealer
This is an equal opportunity state and we must level the playing field to maintain this right. No one is above another and no one shall be treated as if they are immune to the law.
Mealer has designed the potentially new Arizona Meat and Agriculture Department to make Arizona a self-sufficient state free of GMO foods and rated number One worldwide in quality meats, produce, hemp products and even medical cannabis. Imagine the export value of premium quality Arizona Meat & Agriculture and whatever products innovative Arizona business owners create with it.
Investors were once showing a huge interest to make Arizona the world leader in bio-medical cannabis. We can replace the highly addictive and dangerous pharmaceutical Opium with a more natural and health driven non addictive cannabis pharmacological program. Arizona can corner the research and considering that the world’s super powers and richest corporations are driven by opium medications, we will have opened our own cash cow.
This is the major failure from every elected leader. Time has proven that their drive to implicitly create an infrastructure where Arizona entrepreneurs are severely repressed due to various bills voted into law upon the request of lobby groups. These groups are paid by global conglomerate businesses who demand full use of our workforce and our state’s resources, while they outsource jobs and take tax breaks that only they are allowed to utilize. The intentional abrogation of our God given rights and our Civil rights must be stopped.
We are ranked 48th in economy, 49th in housing value and now 48th in the future of our children… So again, WHY are we allowing DC democrats and DC republicans fool us as they argue about who is investigating who and which party will take the glory for a very small “win”?   We must do better.


JL has tailored ArizonaVested, a self-Funding program for all Arizonans;
Mealer’s plans involve ‘zerocostlypoliticalcommittees to nowhere’:

  • Equal protection under the law 100% across the board. Bill of Rights 100% protected. Lower Tax rates.
  • The best education system in the world developing an ‘Arizona career environment’ for our youth.
  • Create a new Arizona Schools International S.T.E.A.M. competitions.
  • Arizona will become the leader in Aerospace/Motorsports.
  • Arizona’s exclusive high grade, top dollar Arizona Meat and Agriculture Department.
    We raise/grow/label “premium products” for sale throughout the country and world.
  • Arizona’s perfect environment for water-wise Industrial Hemp, Kenaf and other bio plants will make us the world’s largest textile and alternative high grade, high fiber multi-product producer. Along with becoming #1 in Bio-Medical Research/Development/Manufacturing.
  • Arizona Entertainment Industry where we give the largest industry in the world a place to call home, produce films, pay great wages and Arizona taxes.
  • Wrapped up with JL’s ArizonaVested℠ Program to direct/couple private business creation/expansion (your business!?) with private funding where businesses develop under a financial parachute creating an entirely new economic tier where small time investors (like you!?) make nice profits per quarterly basis via these investments.

JL Mealer

“We want our Liberty back. WE’RE NOT ASKING!”
Someone has to work for the people…