EDUCATION must be Arizona’s number one priority, or we will wind up in the same place 100 years from now. This website and Mealer Initiative 2014 explain how we can fund education and repair our great state.

Large industries are attracted to well educated adults.

That being said, the current version of “Common Core” is somewhat irresponsible, over rated and in my opinion have standards that both lack in content and quality. Not to mention the ‘educational’ issues that are not intended for a classroom in any form of common sense. More on this later.

Simple- A larger tax base (more businesses, more and much higher paying jobs, with new Arizona industry), less Arizonans requiring assistance, more individual spending, lower taxes, no private property taxes and we have more taxes flowing into the state. Then we get to work on realistic budgets and reviving our great state. My plan of state land leases are the best method to remove private property tax while still increasing education funds.

 Arizona would also do well to make the move to become the first state to utilize our perfect PH soil and weather to capitalize on an untapped industry of Industrial Hemp.

Teachers deserve a large pay increase and there’s no sense in arguing this issue if you are not or have never been a teacher. We simply need the funds to make it happen. Schools must be allotted more funds that actually reach our children, however, less  funds for the governing boards and administrators to squander on annual retreats. In my opinion, school boards and many under performing administrators making large six figure incomes are a disgrace to the public school system and they need review and reassignment.

I’d like to see local communities end the glorified and overpaid secretarial positions of board regents and administration in our school system. Hopefully, they will see where the waste is going to and listen to the parents of the under educated children. That being said, well paid, contented teachers are instrumental to the future of our children.

Before I go into the usual diatribe regarding K-12 schooling, whether public, private, charter or distant learning, (they are all public by the way) let’s discuss higher education. I believe in forming what an be considered a State Bank for Education loans. Arizona would work closely with new industries and investors found around the state. We turn to this system where the state bank charges zero interest while it maintains an easy ‘pay as you’re employed’ program. If we continue on the same $50K of racked up debt for a basic college education, we’ll wind up with the same broke working class and inventive entrepreneurial class of people trying to maintain education loan payments. We have a much better choice, and my Omnibus plan from my 2014 Gubernatorial run adds to all of Arizonan’s choices for work and career… I am putting this plan to task while I run for US Senate 2016.

Common Core, as with No Child Left Behind, is a destructive method of education because it holds more advances students back. We must rid ourselves of Common Core and create higher standards for Arizona children. Our children take on a vastly different category of “students” when compared to many other states. Our education system must represent and teach to our diversity so that all children wind up with the same education.

Differentiated instruction [NCAC] was brought to my attention by a very qualified, *dual Ph.D –yet grossly underpaid– teacher in my local district. She’s a rancher and one of the “real people” the TV interviewers rarely pick up in regards to education discussions. I realized that she was hand serving me the very discussion I was trying to explain. Arizona is diverse, our children learn at different rates. This must be accounted for with all teacher-student based programs and accounted for whenever a “teacher-student success” bonus is considered. We should cater to every student’s strengths and interests, and make certain they are hooked on what they learn. We should encourage and quite possibly help students develop new strengths and skills which allow for a better retention of knowledge. This should not be a political position — just good teaching practices.

I strongly urge teaching students from Kindergarten through their 14th year (associates degree) if they choose. Oftentimes, our youth need those extra couple of years of career orientation to decide the path they will take, OR, they may wind up severely struggling like all of Arizona has been doing for the past 100 years.

No education system can exist without funding, but it’s nice when Arizona is so prosperous that we can refuse Federal Funds and and federal control. Especially if it means we are out in front where we should be. Our goal is becoming a self-sustained state. Not because we need to be, but because we can. Let’s show the rest of the nation what Arizonans are capable of.

We can do better here at home.

“We want our Liberty back. We’re not asking.”
“We want our children’s future more secure…
Again, we’re not asking.”
-JL Mealer