Global Threats, US Military, Veterans

Rather than let this page sit blank, these are a few of JL’s views and ideas about “Global Threats, the US Military and our Veterans.” Keep in mind, this is a running list made from JL’s notes and passing thoughts.

Your opinions are always appreciated.

First, Arizona must keep it’s military bases open. The preservation of this large sector of employment creates support jobs throughout the private sector. JL had even taken offers from an Aircraft MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) facility which would ultimately become a new Air Force Base.

This particular base would be home to a cross venture aircraft manufacturing and training facility as well and all research points to a new Arizona city being built adjacent to the new base, airport, manufacturing center and MRO.

These are offers which have been on the table for Arizona for nearly a decade, JL has been involved with the effort to get Arizona politicians to accept the new industry but no investor or honest businessman wants the pay-to-play scam that the elected-elite demand.

Military Veterans

JL holds our veterans to high esteem and believes they should be granted both private sector training and the current federal programs which benefit veterans, their families, survivors and such should be extended to the state level. Under JL’s economic plans –many of which were detailed in his run for Arizona Governor in Mealer Initiative 2014— still ring true and are actually the only solid, viable and detailed plans put forth by any candidate or elected official.

JL wants veterans, their families and current members of the military to know that he will stand by them and work on their behalf, and he takes this pledge seriously. His door will always be open for a discussion on the many problems that affect the US military and state guards as well. When JL is not in DC working on behalf of all Arizonans and Americans, he will be touring the state in open meeting and listening to issues while making plans to solve them.

Global Threats

The world is a desperate place… For the average citizens and especially so for Americans who cannot safely travel without fear of being kidnapped and/or beheaded. JL believes that the threat alone requires attention of the government, yet it can be accomplished in a tactical way versus large volumes of amassed troops in any country. War is never a good thing and JL believes it should only be a last resort and whenever America itself is attacked. The USA is not the world’s police department.

Terrorism, once defined, should be killed at the roots and with a tactical move, the head can be removed fro the beast. JL’s shares a low personal view of civilian casualties in battle and as such, drone strikes which seem to be the current administration’s favorite tool, must be scaled back unless a target is positively identified.

Protecting Our Borders

The nations borders MUST Be sealed and although this is not the normal Libertarian Party perspective, times have changed and our country is being invaded by a lot of bad people. These people who have already declared themselves as enemies of the American people roam our streets today.

There are several easier and less costly methods to fencing off the border and each method can be combined to make our country safe. Satellites seem to be able to keep certain Nevada Air Force Testing sites well protected and we can utilize this cost effective strategy along the Arizona – Mexico border. Other border states will be included as well.

A border fence would  wonders for Arizona’s ranchers who are currently fighting this invasion alone. Oftentimes, it is the Southern Arizona rancher who provides life saving assistance to “undocumented migrant workers” and even the occasional “illegal alien” who is packing drugs for a cartel. These Arizona ranchers might as well be repaid for the work they are doing until a remedy can be had from Washington DC.

JL will work with the Tohono O’odum Nation to help prevent their tribal land from being overrun by either cartels or migrants walking the deserts in hope of work. It’s a direct route from their tribal land to highways leading to Phoenix, Tucson en route across America. Since the nation’s economy is already in the tanks, we may assume that new illegal immigrants are here for reasons other than finding jobs and we must act accordingly.

Removing the 12 million (plus) undocumented persons in the US is a situation all it’s own. We can suggest a bus or plane ride home and way out the options and costs and when it comes down to it, there might very well be another solution all together. Amnesty is not an option…. But withholding aid to the countries these people are coming from would do wonders for their own governments to actually put the money to use for the people rather than their own greed.

Ideally, all US foreign aid should cease until our country is ahead with GDP gains, and any America who can work, has a good job. We should not be providing welfare for any country other than our own (when needed, and today it is needed) and corporate welfare should end s well.

JL believes that if the federal government continues to ignore the problems of undocumented invaders -from all part of the world- throughout the USA is a serious abuse of Federal Requirements and Arizona must stand strong and demand action. Calling forth Arizona’s National Guard or instituting a new state guard would not be out of the question. Lives are being lost in the Arizona deserts now and many of the human and drug traffickers are taking advantage of the lack of attention from the feds. We must fix this issue.

Keep in mind, this page is being reviewed and added to on a constant basis. JL does not have the facts which are privvy to the elected-elite and as such, many of the views and opinions are from a standpoint that can change once the facts are on the table.