BORDER, it’s an easy fix.

Arizona/Mexican Border problem… Even open border Libertarians can agree with this one.

Building a wall rather than the hit and miss fence we have now, is based on a safety issue because of the mix of desperate and really bad people coming into America. We must exhibit basic control of the population who illegally invade the USA and currently steal public assistance that should be intended ONLY for Americans –which, by all intensive purposes– is made up of people and families who’ve legally paid into the system.

The Border Patrol itself says a fence will not keep out those who REALLY want to come into America, but it’s easier to monitor…. Other than “Area 51 styled observation, which has worked for decades” I have a better idea where Arizona profits instead of pays out with Arizona tax payer money (the feds won’t cough up more cash for Arizona.)

There are two ways to build an actual fence and with the cost is so high from these government contractors, neither “official” method will ever happen.

I suggest a deal with the ranchers/farmers who actually cross from the US into Mexico with their property (this has been the problem no one seems to want to mention– for over 30 years since a fence has been an idea– is a series of towns whether storage for government equipment of private business built with standard back walls facing Mexico made up of the buildings reaching two stories high.

This would create easy look-outs for the US Border Patrol if desired and thriving businesses for the rest of those involved. On both sides of the wall, new towns would pop up along much of the border. Vacant areas can become something like “Cadillac Ranch” near Amarillo, except with vehicles placed side by side… Many would call it “ART” with little to no space between the otherwise junkyard vehicles. This would keep the “progressives” (the term is a misnomer) from screaming too much.

That plan would coincide with the billions of dollars of investments which will move into Arizona as we make a deal with Mexican business owners whereby creating Ocean Water Desalinization power plants pulling water from the Sea of Cortez (Baja California) running water to Mexico as we divert Colorado River water in an agreement as discussed when I ran for Arizona Governor.
Yes, big investors are willing to make this happen.

Arizona’s government is looking to put $30 Million into a mere study for the fence… A STUDY! No fence building, but a study because they don’t want lawsuits from Environmental Obstructionist groups. These groups would fall short suing Arizona under a Mealer Governorship because, they will know that a counter-suit for “intentional interference with prospective advantage” covering all Arizonan’s.

That lawsuit when won, is always 3x’s the amount of PROSPECTIVE funds lost and the first lawsuit cannot continue until the Intentional Interference counter suit is heard.

Besides, we’ll be helping the environment, creating jobs and saving lives.

We can save the tax payer costs of the $1 Million for maintenance alone of the easily breached/climbed/’ramped’ over fences that already exist in Arizona and the $49 Billion for another 700 miles according to the Secure Fence Act’s mandate given to us by corrupted elected officials and their kick back incentives for contractors that supported them when they ran for office …

My costs estimate at about $10 Million and most of that is loaned to AMERICAN businessmen who build the towns with everything from the ART to the cross border deals where these people showing up from Guatemala (etc) can be dealt with by Mexico and maybe given Mexican jobs in Mexico or walk back home… Surely, everyone can support this idea alone.

Not to sound rude, but the Mexican government can even put water fountains and Filiberto’s, Aliberto’s and other restaurant stands on their side to take care of those traveling from further south, until they can either put them to work, or send them home. However, many of them are willing to work along the Yuma to Gulf of California corridor in Mexico when that is set up. They’ll certainly be around to build everything from the road to the structures.

Once the towns are built and “Mexican” labor can be used for their side of the construction to give the liberals a warm cozy feeling, the towns will actually be putting money into Arizona and into the federal coffers rather than taking away from it since Arizona is a receiver state and not a paying state when it comes to taxes.

Businessmen are ready to go with this project. We save BILLIONS. We make TRILLIONS and Mexico now has an entire corridor of business from Mexico’s side of the border near Yuma to the Sea of Cortez where people from the southern countries will head to.

By the way… Arizona’s new economy will boom when we legalize (the non drug) Industrial Hemp and open up hundreds of thousands of new jobs, but thousands of new businesses and so much more. It’s time Arizonans win isn’t it?


JL Mealer is not currently running for office and this diatribe has been taken from various discussions during his 2014 Arizona Gubernatorial campaign.

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