Why Mealer?

Arizona’s 2014 gubernatorial election is a major game changer. We no longer have the luxury of electing ‘someone who fits our party’, or someone with ‘passive ideas’. This election is about survival of this Great State’s economy; from endurance of existing business to creation of new enterprise and a raise in livable wages along with a tremendous influx of new industry. This is not about force, but instead about opportunity, expansion and the reward to private businesses who maintain their path to success within our state borders.

John Mealer is a reformer. A true Constitutionalist. A man of absolute fairness and equal treatment under the law. A man who will see that the laws are enforced against those who believe they are above the law and who routinely violate the law to the detriment of Arizona and all of America.

John also makes note of Arizona’s Constitution which allows individual municipalities to actually run their own ‘industry’ whereby our state will not longer be required to over-tax, over-regulate and scheme against our visitors as if they are a judicially-levied banking source. We also have the perfect chance to create a new statewide run, nationally competitive meat and agriculture industry to rival all others.

This must become the end of politics as usual.

Arizona is at a major crossroads.

“Having been born and raised in our Great State I believe it is right for me to claim; Over the course of the past 103 years, party politics has reduced Arizona to the lowest it has ever been. Our economy and our future cannot handle another four years of pay-to-play leadership. The idea of towing the “party-line” -whether Democrat or Republican- must forever become the past.

Simply because an elected official is either Democrat or Republican does not mean they should vote against our state and our fellow Arizonans in order to bolster their power hungry party. Yet, they have pushed their agenda against  Arizona prosperity since our inception as a state in 1912.

It goes without saying- Electing the same worn out leadership means more of the same political stand-offs on the road to nowhere. The proof of the past 102 years is all around us.

We have the opportunity to become the greatest State of the union with the fastest growing economy, but it will never happen if we elect leadership that is against us rather than for us. Our next vote decides if our Governor will be more of the same old “Arizona versus party pundits” OR “Arizona working with Arizonans”. Arizona is the key state to this nation, we should act like it.”

                                                         3/17/13 John Lewis Mealer

In 2014 Arizona must bear credence to elect a leader who inspires Confidence. A man who is one of them and not another “high and mighty” self-serving elitist. An honest man with a series of detailed and viable plans to revitalize and re-stabilize Arizona’s future.

That man is John Lewis Mealer.

What’s in your Future? Who’ll be on your ballot? Where will our children be in 20 years under the current system?

We have a real choice in 2014… But John Mealer requires the same Nominating signatures and Clean Election Qualifying Contributions as all other candidates. We can use your help.

No ‘spirit of Party’ vote control. No allegiance to lobbyists. No Party sway to fight Arizona or Arizonans’ needs. No hidden agenda.

The first US President George Washington had warned us about the evils of party politics when he was leaving office, but the cancer grew into what it is today.

“I have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on geographical discriminations. Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party generally.”

                      George Washington’s Farewell  Address in 1796

It’s time to cure that cancer.


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